About our company

The Eastern Alliance Group has its well-established presence in East Malaysia since 1982. We began in the distribution business and since then emerged as the largest distributor in Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. Becoming the largest distributor allowed us to have greater reach and facilities to support businesses from various industries.

Now, to meet the needs of modern society, we’ve diversified our approach and have established a platform of services. From distribution, fulfilment & logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and data management services, we serve our customers with impeccable dedication to their every need.

To keep our customers’ business competitive in the market, we offer end-to-end services and even customisable ones to meet their scalable growth rate. With the expertise and assistance of our 600 over employees, we’ve earned the trust of well-established companies throughout the decades.

Let’s work together to advance your business into new territories when you can gain a vast and growing geographic reach, and a thorough knowledge of the landscape and people.